Leaf Guards

Drop-in Leaf Guard DROP-IN LEAF GUARD
Available in Aluminum, Copper, and steel for 5” and 6” gutter.  Sections are 3’ long, 150’ per box.  Easy installation, front edge snaps on the front lip and the back edge slides under the shingles.
E-Z Black Powder Coated Leaf Guard E-Z BLACK POWDER COATED
Made of expanded galvanized steel, powder coated with a black finish for 5”, 6”, 7” & 8” gutter. Available in 4’ sections, 100 feet per box.  Small holes available for better coverage. Copper available in regular hole pattern. Easy installation, back edge slides under shingles, front edge locks on the front lip of the gutter. E-Z Black Powder Coated Leafguard Small Holes
E-Z Step Down Leaf Guard E-Z STEP DOWN E-Z Stepdown Leaf Guard Cross Section
Made of expanded galvanized steel, powder coated with a black finish in small hole design for 5” & 6” gutter.  Because of the spring action, installer does not have to disturb shingles. Available in 4’ sections, 100 feet per box.
E-Z Step Under Leaf Guard E-Z STEP UNDER

Same product as the step-down, but installs under the first row and over starter row of shingles. Easier installation because first row of shingles are not stuck down. Attached by drive screws.

E-Z Slide Leaf Guard E-Z SLIDE
Perforated aluminum panels available in White, black, and brown for 5” & 6” gutter.
4’ lengths available for 5”, 6”, or 7” gutter in mill finish aluminum or most of the standard gutter colors-sheds leaves and pine needles, heavy gauge, simple to install.
This product states that it is the final guardian against clogged gutters & downspouts.  The patented design is unmatched in its ability to keep out leaves, twigs, pine needles, and small particles from entering your roof’s gutter system. Product is similar to aluminum leaf guard but has a fine mesh of aluminum bonded to the top of the leaf guard.  Sections are 3 ft. long, 150 ft. per box, available in 5” & 6” aluminum and copper.
Leaf Relief-New Installation Leaf Relief’s patented design allows water to flow freely while debris is lifted away from gutters with a gentle breeze. Independent testing proves Leaf Relief is 100% effective against leaves, twigs, pine needles and small debris. Leaf Relief is also completely weather & pest resistant, fits all standard gutters, is available in copper and is simple to install. Leaf Relief never clogs and never overflows. New installation comes in 7’6” pieces and does not require an additional hidden hanger, retro-fit comes in 10’ pieces. Available for 5” & 6” gutter systems, corners are sold separately.
New Installation
Leaf Relief-Retro Installation
Retro Fit
The hinged gutter guard installs in seconds with a push of the thumb.  Handy three-foot sections fit any standard “K” style gutters, also available for half-round style gutter.  Simply clip the stainless steel hinges to the front of the gutter.  Convex design prevents debris accumulation.  Made of long lasting galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, or powder painted steel.  Will not collapse under ice, snow, or debris.
Diamond Plastic Snap-in Leaf Guard DIAMOND PLASTIC SNAP-IN
Snap-in plastic with mesh backing, 3’ sections.  Colors:  White, brown, black – 25 ft. per box, for 5” or 6” gutter.
Gutter Shingle Leaf Guard GUTTER SHINGLE
The gutter shingle simply slides under the shingles and hooks to the front edge of the gutter.  Eliminates clogged gutters and downspouts.  Fine mesh screen keeps out small debris.  Textured paint blends with the shingles.  Will handle any amount of rainfall, and can be installed on any pitch or roof.  3-foot sections fit 5” & 6” gutters, made of powder coated galvanized steel in a charcoal color & copper.
Invisiguard IG2
Invisiguard invented to prevent gutter clogging, great for houses with trees.  A flexible support screen, made of rugged, UV-stabilized, high-density polyethylene.  A top layer composed of a high-grade, stainless steel filter.  It’s tiny 100-micron openings let water through, but barricade everything else.  Two horizontal ridges, which-working with our gutter edge trim-break water surface tension.  This allows IG2 to siphon very high volumes of running water, has handled 73” of rain per hour.  20 year warranty.
Boxes contain 50’, available in 5.75” x 5’ or 7” x 5’.

Leaffilter innovative, patented design is proven to keep out leaves, pine & fir needles, seed pods, twigs, shingle grit, insects, animals and more.  Installs onto new or existing gutters, available in a variety of colors.  Leaffilter has an ultra low-profile design that is virtually invisible, hassle free, and corrosion proof.  Leaffilter has a lifetime, money-back warranty, if your gutter clogs, they will refund your money-guaranteed.

Stepped, ribbed and water permeable surface.
Ribs keep leaves from sticking to the mesh, steps help debris shed faster, birds and bees can’t nest underneath.  Surgical stainless steel self-cleaning membrane will not stretch, buckle or bind and is impervious to ultraviolet rays.  The formed aluminum body is made of the same heavy-duty aluminum your gutter is made with.  Uses the patented Xela Filter Shield System, water is siphoned off the mesh and into the gutter.  Colors available:  White, beige, musket brown, and clay, boxes contain 100 ft.
Flo-free Leaf Guard FLO-FREE
Flo-free is made of 100% industrial strength nylon for lifetime durability. Flo-free's smooth, slick top surface puts foliage where it belongs...on the ground. At 3/4" thick, Flo-free will never collapse into your gutter. Flo-free extends to the bottom of your gutter providing superior strength. Each piece is 36” long, 8-1/2” wide, and a box contains 144 feet.
Leaves and debris slide off the surface or just dry up and blow away.  Your gutters will remain clean and clear of clogs.  Leaf Defier uses a multi polymer thermally fused material, which they feel is superior to the chemically coated and untreated flexible urethane filter media used for gutter protection systems.  Leaf Defier is available for 5” or 6” gutter, each piece is 4’ long.
Alsco gutter guard panels install under the first row of shingles, without fastening to the roof shingles, themselves.  The product is versatile, it fits both 5” & 6” gutters.  Simply attach two clips to every 4-foot section to ensure a quality fit.
Alsco Gutter Guard Colors
Heavy aluminum .024 panels 5’ long, 60 feet per box.  13 colors, endcaps, and inside miters available.
.024 gauge aluminum, 4-foot sections, 100 feet per box.  Colors:  black, bronze, brown, charcoal, clay, cream, forest green, sand, light grey, musket brown, white.  Leaf Proof also available in copper, with 60 feet per box.  Endcaps, miters, and high-flow panels available in aluminum and copper.
Leaf ProofLeaf Proof Miter
Perforated panel gutter sweep.  Patented reverse louvers system where the water drops into the slots and the debris sweeps over the edge.  Each section is 4-foot long, 100 feet per box, available in white or black, for 5” and 6” gutter.
E-Z Leaf Sweep
The solid panel gutter guard with its patent pending unique gap system protects the gutter from debris clogging the outlets.  4’ sections-100’ per box.  Colors:  white, tan, black, royal brown, dove gray, bronze, classic cream, red, tuxedo gray, clay, green, musket brown, and copper, for 5” or 6” gutter.
No leaf NO LEAF
Installs on new or existing gutter systems, bull nose design creates surface tension allowing rainwater to flow into your gutters.  Easy to handle four-foot lengths, durable paint finish includes a 20-year limited warranty, made of heavy-duty .024 gauge aluminum.  Easily installed under the first row of shingles, no exposed nails or screws mounted to the roofline.  19 colors:  almond, beaver brown, black, buckskin brown, light bronze, dove gray, clay, cream, bronze, Grecian green, ivory, herringbone, linen, musket brown, pearl gray, royal brown, tuxedo gray, white, and wicker.  100-feet to a box, 50 pieces of bracket to a box, use 2 brackets per 4-foot section.
Gutter Remedy GUTTER REMEDY Gutter Remedy
Guaranteed nose-forward, 9 colors available.
Low-profile design is virtually invisible from the ground, easily installs under the first row of shingles.  Nose forward design allows debris to fall off the system or to be blown away by the wind.  Elevated parallel channel keeps the channel from hitting hangers during installation.  Large channel perforations allow the system to flush out small debris.  Flex-Bend allows the system to be adjusted to any roof pitch.  Stainless steel painted screws included.  Made of .024 gauge aluminum in 14 colors and 14 ounce copper.  4-foot panels, 100 feet per box for 5” & 6” gutter.  Endcaps, inside miters, and 4-foot high water flow panels available.  Colors:  white, cream, almond, clay, ivory, pearl grey, tuxedo grey, black, bronze, sand, royal brown, musket brown, red, and green.
Easy to install, training available, complete with matching screws and rust resistant decking screws.  Can be installed on existing guttering, metal, slate roofs, and wood shakes.  Nose forward design, lifetime guaranteed product.  23 colors:  almond, antique ivory, black, clay, cream, dark bronze, dove gray, forest green, colonial gray, linen, pearl grey, royal brown, wicker, white 30 deg., white 80 deg., musket brown, red, light bronze, cocoa brown, traditional blue, and tuxedo gray.  200-feet per box, includes hanger and screws.

Works on the principle of surface tension, water flows around the nose of the cover and into the gutter through the slotted channel.  Easy to install 4 & 8-foot sections fit standard 5” & 6” gutter.  Made of rigid PVC, white and clay colors, 100-feet per box.